Delivery Information

Why is my order shipped in different packages?

If you have a multi-item order( for example, one supplement and one T-shirt), it's possible for shipping each item from a different location, depending on which one has them available. We might send your items at different times, in different packages, for mainly these reasons: you can get the items as fast as possible, prevent holding up your order. Observe that this WILL NOT make the cost of shipping more expensive for you, but it will make you rest easy knowing that your purchases will arrive in the best and fastest possible way.

When will I receive my order?

Supplement orders are shipped out directly from our many domestic locations as fast as they can, so usually 1-2 working days for 1st class and frequently less than three working days for the 2nd class you will receive our products. Clothing orders typically take 1 to 2 days to arrive more than the Supplements. Please note that due to our popularity, and popularity of our offers, the estimated time may change, and products may be out of stock very soon, and, for instance, some T-shirts designs may never be in stock again. We do that so you have a T-shirt that only about 0,00001% of the population in the world will have the opportunity to purchase.

Will I be charged for customs and taxes?

As we only send the items in domestic shipment for the UK, you should not have a problem with customs, and our items, for now, are VAT free. Enjoy while we offer VAT-free products.

We are now offering free UK 1st Class TR delivery on orders of £20.00 or more! Limited time only!

Shipping Method UK* Postage* Estimated working days*
2nd Class TR £2.75 2-3
1st Class TR £2.95 1-2
2nd Class Recorded TR £3.95 2-3
1st Class Recorded TR £4.25 1-2
Shipping Method UK** Postage** Estimated working days**
Royal Mail 1st Class   £0.00 1-3

1st Class TR*: First class standard mail. £2.95 for order;

2nd Class TR*: Second class standard mail. £2.75 for order;

1st Class Recorded TR*: First class recorded mail. £4.25 for order;

2nd Class Recorded TR*: Second class recorded mail. £3.95 for order;

Royal Mail 1st Class**: First class Royal Mail.  £0.00 for order.

*Only for supplements

**Only for T-Shirts( and clothes): we'll use First class Royal Mail delivery automatically for all clothes and T-Shirts and free of charge.